Happy 14th July! Happy Bastille Day!

While we are comfortably settled in for the summer, Cinéfranco wishes you a beautiful celebration of the Bastille day! While we are preparing for the autumn  festival of emotions in images, from November 4th to 15th (keep these dates in mind), and our 25th anniversary, Cinéfranco would like to share with you 3 little jewels of films about the French Revolution and its values: freedom, impertinence and heroism... Wherever you are this summer, in the comfort of your living room, in the freshness of your balcony or your garden, with friends or in solo, celebrate with the French Revolution with a universal cinema, for all tastes, all ages, so much that this revolution has inspired social movements around the world.


Thank you to everyone who joined Cinéfranco on National Canadian Film Day for the viewing of C.R.A.Z.Y. and tribute to Jean-Marc Vallée. 

Thank you!

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