With thousands of participants every year, Cinéfranco has become a major Francophone institution in the Toronto audiovisual landscape!

Films are prophetic, they say: how many times have we seen a sci-fi movie dealing with horrific pandemic and its disastrous effects?

Today, we are in Toronto no longer watching a film about a deadly spreading virus but experiencing a real science fiction scenario.


On behalf of Cinéfranco, I would like to emphasize the fact that the health and safety of our precious audiences and our volunteers are at the heart of our concerns. 

Let’s follow the protection and safety measures to eliminate the COVID-19 virus. We will defeat it to better enjoy and, at later dates, make of these Franco-Moroccan and Quebec films the ultimate film experiences!

Cinéfranco is working on the preparation its November 20-28, 2020 on-line festival with an exciting film program.



In the series Cinéfranco gives you the floor! Debate #3 in French 
Thursday, Oct. 15, at 7 p.m. on ZOOM





by Joanne Belluco

Canada 2013

Documentary 52 min (English)

10 Filmmakers, 1 City

as seen by a filmmaker born and raised in FranceJoanne Belluco will be our STAR panelist 


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Featuring Vincenzo Natali, Don McKellar, Atom Egoyan, Sook Yin Lee, Michael Snow, Bruce McDonald, Patricia Rozana, Reginald Harkema, Aaron Woodley et Peter Mettle.


Dubbed “Hollywood North,” Toronto has become a convenient backdrop for American films, and home to one of the film industry’s most important international film festivals and markets. But with the sheer number of films and created and sold here, and the strength of the talent it has spawned, it has remained surprisingly invisible as a film city.


Toronto by its Insiders journeys into the heart of Toronto, between the “dreamt” city of its filmmakers and the urban reality they inhabit, one as surprising as their filmic imaginings. We wander in this ever-transforming place led by the directors and examples of their work, exploring the singularities of their vision, their similarities and differences and whether they have a connection to each other or the city they have created in.

Cinéfranco is proud to co-present
Les Heures heureuses (Our Lucky Hours)

by Martine Deyres during the

Rendezvous with Madness Festival

(October 15-25)

45,000 patients died in French psychiatric hospitals between 1939 and 1945. A single site escaped this carnage: the asylum in Saint-Alban, an isolated village in Lozère.


Using archival films and the accounts of those who worked there, Martine Deyres shows how the political courage and poetic audacity that were practised there contributed to changing medicine and society's perception on madness.

Included in  this movement called “institutional psychotherapy” were members of the Resistance, artists, doctors and philosophers. Doctors, nurses, inhabitants and patients, all were part of a human adventure whose unveiling is not a gesture of nostalgia, but rather an urgent appeal to demonstrate the same courage and inventiveness in today's struggles. 

Cinéfranco is delighted to co-present

by Sophie Bachelier & Valérie Malek

during the Montreal Black Film Festival



The 16th edition of Montreal Black Film Festival will take place exclusively online for the first time from September 23 to Oct. 4!  

For YANCOUBA BADJI, born in Casamance (Senegal), the dream of Europe stops abruptly in southern Tunisia, after trying to cross the Mediterranean sea from the Libyan coast. During a year and a half of "adventure", he was close to death many times. TILO KOTO is the story of a man burned in his flesh and in his soul. YANCOUBA will sublimate this hell through his painting.

A new world far away from city life: Back to basics
Since the start of the confinement, Nicolas Fay has been filming Le Dorat, a small village north of Limoges in France. In thirty short episodes, he portrays its people facing their daily challenges, and involved in agroecology, short distribution circuits (direct sales vs mass distribution), and cooperative ventures… 

“In these areas less populated than the big cities, a new world is emerging, an invisible network that links these people together around the return to basics."

Watch the full series here.

With increased visibility thanks to the enthusiastic support of filmmakers Edouard Bergeon and Guillaume Canet on their national channel, the Les Résistants web-series is a hit on the net.

These very human and sensitive portraits paint an impressionist canvas, full of colors, and from which emerges a reflection on the relationship between humans and the land, and on the role each of them plays in his/her setting, whatever his or her activity in our globalized era.

– France 3 Nouvelle Aquitaine

In the series Cinéfranco gives you the floor! Debate #2 

A new world far away from city life: Back to basics

LES RÉSISTANTS, Nicolas Fay's web series on youtube, was at the heart of debate #2 which took place September 13.


Director Nicolas Fay talks about the daily life of young (neo) people on farms in Limousin. Jean-Pierre Pilaprat and Chantal Véchambre, 2 passionate cinephiles faithful to Cinéfranco, in their knowledge and sensitivity to the subject, accompany Nicolas Fay. 

Discover season 2 Les Résistants. 

Episode 1

La Clef du Sol


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Une femme, ma mère by Claude Demers on the Hot Docs online program of the K-Films America catalogue (@KfilmsAmerica). 

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