Cinéfranco « Grand Public » took place online and Canada wide for the first time of its being.

You, devoted, loyal lovers of Francophone cinema, with you, newcomers, sailed on a ship filled with unique experiences riddled with adventures... And what adventures indeed! Who would have imagined that, carried by a Francophone film festival, we would ride from

one end to the other of our vast Canadian land, on to the emotional waves of History, of drama, comedy, heroism with captivating conversations with filmmakers and an illustrious historian!

But when steering the boat as one should expect, the technical difficulties that arose were eliminated. You all have been patient, amazing, understanding.

On behalf of the Cinéfranco valiant team, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having understood that it was our first trip and that, as novices, we did not know what was awaiting us at the end. Yann, Bernard, Marie were impressive at quickly responding to requests and I congratulate them as I congratulate our audiences and film artisans for being calm, wise and kind.

Audience members as well as film artists showed us support through their words of encouragement, their compliments, their wishes for success and their thanks. 

On behalf of the Cinéfranco team, I can only express my deep gratitude to all who appreciated the quality of our film selection, the Herculean efforts at times and mostly the pleasure we felt serving you virtually.

We are looking forward to getting together in a film theatre!

Marcelle Lean

Founder and artistic & executive director


If Only/Magari

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Last updated:  December 1, 2020

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