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About Cinéfranco


Cinéfranco, a charitable organization, through the use of film art media as a tool for learning, for discovery and entertainment, aims at developing the mutual understanding and awareness of a common heritage rooted in the use of the French language and the continuous fulfillment of historical and cultural values of francophone communities in minority settings.
The local, national and international Francophone cinema and its artists are the focus of Cinéfranco activities all year round.
For the past few years, a Franco-Ontarian section rich with its films and professionals, has been integrated into the screenings of the Main Program.
Cinéfranco produces three main annual film festivals and offers an outstanding selection of French films from Canada and around the world to Toronto. With thousands of participants every year, Cinéfranco has become a major Francophone institution in the Toronto audiovisual landscape.

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The Festival’s Main Program is the most important international francophone film festivals in English Canada. It is comprised of up to 40 francophone films and brings together thousands of fans. The films reflect the richness and diversity of filmmakers from Canada, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Algeria, Morocco. Tunisia, Senegal and other countries.The goal of this program is to showcase films rarely seen or not distributed in Toronto cinemas. Considering that fewer and fewer films are being released in theatres, Cinéfranco provides an essential platform to foster the appreciation of francophone films. Therefore, Cinéfranco gives the unique opportunity for francophone film lovers to experience the films on a big screen, and for filmmakers to meet their audiences. Cinéfranco provides popular yet quality programming, from hilarious comedies to social dramas, through moving documentaries or captivating thrillers. The viewers vote for their favorite film which is awarded “The Audience Prize” at the end of the festival.

The Main Program will be back in 2022! 

Stay tuned for our full line-up.


The Youth Program is exclusively dedicated to students and their teachers. It includes a dozen films and gives students the opportunity to experience French outside the classroom, in a playful yet educational framework. Cinéfranco always strives to ensure that the films shown reflect curriculum topics. Each of the film programmed comes with its description file and educational kit, which teachers can access on line. The Youth Program offers (space) our young viewers a wonderful opportunity (space) to get acquainted with the francophone cinema and cultures. Cinéfranco Youth Program attracts over 7,000 students every year. In 2017, 8,500 students, teachers and accompanying adults was a record attendance.

The Cinéfranco Youth Festival will be  back February 22 to March 9, 2022!  ​

Stay tuned for our line-up.


A window on the vibrant contemporary québécois movie scene thanks to our partnership with Tournée Québec Cinéma. This spring celebration of Québec film and Franco-Canadian production is enriched with the significant presence of actors and film makers.

Perspective Québec

will be back in 2022!  ​


Stay tuned for our line-up.


In order to reflect the richness of francophone cultures, Cinéfranco organizes several film-related activities throughout the year. Many screenings in public libraries as well as copresentations with other cultural organisations are regularly organized. Moreover, Cinéfranco works in close collaboration with our local francophone institutions. 

Cinéfranco is also very active on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, to allow its fans to stay tuned with the latest of francophone cinema (give-away contests, premieres, special screenings etc).

 For upcoming events visit our Co-presentations page