January - April 2021

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Cinéfranco partnered with Franco Queer and Inside Out to program 4 films and 5 shorts with LGBTQIA themes.

Petite fille and Iridescence were presented in January. Woubi ChériAllez vous faire foutre and Monsieur accompanied by discussions were presented in February. Portrait de la jeune fille en feu and Au village were presented in March.

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Ciné Fierté is a project conducted around LGBTQIA+ themed French-language cinema.

Ciné Fierté from, December 2020 to March 2021, and its partners, Cinéfranco, FrancoQueer and Inside Out, warmly thank the Ministry of Francophone Affairs and the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture for their generous financial support.


We are pleased to acknowledge the support of media partners CHOQ FM 105.1 and GrandToronto.ca in the promotion of the Ciné Fierté mini-festival.

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In April Ciné Fierté Encore! partnered with the Inside Out Festival and Cinéfranco to a bonus presentation of Ciné with two daring films, Un couteau dans le cœur and Elle et Moi!


Each of the short and feature films screened as part of Ciné Fierté and Ciné Fierté Encore was accompanied by captivating and insightful interviews that we are proud to share with you.

Ciné-fierté Encore! du 22 au 25 avril

Interview with Quitterie Hervouet

 ici radio-canada Culturel 

(Uniquement en français)

Quitterie Hervouet is a French writer / director / actress based in Toronto. quitteriehervouet.com

She has a Master’s degree in Film Production and Distribution from kedge Business School (France). She acted in multiple short films but she quickly realized that she loved storytelling. So, she studied screenwriting at George Brown College in Toronto. Quitterie co-produced co-wrote and starred in the narrative digital series French Off The Boat. Two episodes won Best International Director at Atlanta Comedy Film Festival. She represented Ontario at La course des regions pancanadienne, a Québec competition where she wrote and directed the short documentary Prendre son envol. The documentary was selected into several international film festivals and won “Best debut film” at New York Tri-State International Film Festival. In 2020, she was selected in the Netflix Banff Diversity Of Voices Initiatives. Quitterie also leads a career as a Bilingual Script supervisor and a screenplay analyst. While Quitterie works in a variety of media—fiction, documentary, and theatre—to convey each project, her themes are consistent. Everything she has made is linked by these recurring concerns of self-discovery and social class. She wants to inspire people in their own self-discovery journey.


Interview with Quitterie Hervouet & Pascale Andriamamonjy 

(Uniquement en français)

Pascale, holds a PhD in cognitive psychology and a master in clinical psycholog. She is a psychotherapist and teacher, passionate about the singularity of each human being in his or her identity development. Pascale is very interested in the first stages of this development and therefore in education. Pascale has written a small guide on the theme of caring education. In her professional practice, she accompanies adults in identity suffering, whatever the form in which this suffering is expressed (depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, eating disorders, addictions...).

ELLE ET MOI (She and I)

Interview with Quitterie Hervouet & Diane Montreuil

(Uniquement en français)

Metis Algonquin Artist. 


Diane, bilingual francophone, two spirits and legally married to a woman, became a self-taught artist/painter influenced by the Woodland School Style after responding to the call of her Ancestors.  An inner longing for the traditional ways of her Indigenous culture was the beginning of an artistic adventure that led to the real self-discovery and brought spiritual healing that continues to this day.  All paintings are dedicated to our Grandmothers and Elders and for keeping the teachings alive for the next generation and for people to understand our Indigenous culture.


Interview with Sébastien Lifshitz

(Uniquement en français)

Sébastien Lifshitz is a French screenwriter and director. He teaches at La Fémis, a school that focuses on the subject of image and sound.

He studied at the École du Louvre, and has a bachelor's degree from the University of Paris in history of art. He is Jewish, and gay.