by Tshoper Kabambi
2019 | 90 min

Drama | Democratic Republic of Congo | Lingala, French, English (English subtitles)

Cast: Moyindo Mpongo, Brandon Ray Olive, Amor Lombi, Elbas Manuana

Gabriel Ngandu is a young Congolese revolutionary running from the terrible mistakes of his past. His journey of escape leads him to new experiences and even a new religion that challenges long-held beliefs about his destiny and the world around him. He finds himself torn between the influences and expectations of two very different father figures — Mwabila, his revolutionary leader, and President Kabasubabu, his new religious leader. Called to serve as a missionary, he is sent back to his native village to build an orphanage with Jason Martin, an American who also has a tragic and secret past. Together, they struggle to understand and overcome their histories, cultures, and prejudices to serve the people around them.

Caught between embracing enmity or reconciliation, revenge or forgiveness, intolerance or understanding, they begin to see the potential for a better, more peaceful future for themselves and for the Congo. Worlds finally collide when explosions rock the new orphanage and Kabasubabu is kidnapped by Mwabila’s revolutionaries. Gabriel is faced with choosing between the two different worlds of these father figures . . . or finding his own path toward a new world inspired by understanding and redemption.



  • Écran d’or du meilleur film – Festival de cinéma de Yaoundé (Cameroun, 2020)

  • Audience Choice Award – LDS Film Festival (Utah, 2020) 

  • Winner, Golden Jury Award – Abuja International Film Festival (Nigeria, 2020)

  • Award of Merit (Film Feature and Religion/Ethics) – Druk International Film Festival (India, 2020)

  • Best Foreign Film – Retro Avant Garde Film Festival (New York, 2020) 

  • Agape Grand Prize – Branson International Film Festival (Missouri, 2020)

  • Black Star International Film Festival (Ghana, 2020)

  • L’Age d’Or International Art-house Film Festival (Kolkata, India, 2020) 

  • Green Mountain Christian Film Festival (Vermont, 2020 )

  • Benin City Film Festival (Nigeria, 2020)

  • Lake International Pan African Film Festival (Kenya, 2020) 

  • Malabo International Music & Film Festival in Equatorial Guinea (2020)

  • Red Lion: The South African International Film Festival (2020)

  • Pan African Film Festival (Los Angeles, 2020)


A breakthrough film

— Glen Nelson

Beautifully made

— Rapid Lion Film Festival, South Africa


Compelling, moving and enlightening

— Bonnie Oscarson


A drama of hope and redemption

— Aubrey Hooks

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