Tom Medina ($5)



Drama | France| 2021 | 100 min | French (English subtitles)
Director: Tony Gatlif
With:  David Murgia, Slimane Dazi, Karoline Rose Sun, Suzanne Aubert

A juvenile tribunal sends Tom Medina to Camargue, a region in France's deep south, into the care of Ulysse, a kindhearted man who lives in harmony with nature. Inhabited by visions, fascinated by bulls and horses, Tom becomes an apprentice gardian, under Ulysse's guidance. He gives up stealing, is hungry for knowledge, and aspires to change. Revolted by the unwavering hostility he faces, Tom continues to battle his destiny. Then he crosses paths with Suzanne...


  • Unifrance Rendez-Vous in Paris (France, 2022)

  • Berlin French Film Week (Germany, 2021)

  • French Film Festival in the Czech Republic (2021)

  • Tübingen | Stuttgart International French-language Film Festival (Germany, 2021)

  • Hof International Film Festival (Germany, 2021)

  • Warsaw Film Festival (Poland, 2021)

  • Cannes International Film Festival (France, 2021)

Film Reviews:


Drawing inspiration from his adolescence, Tony Gatlif signs a sincere and lively film, where the quest for identity is inseparable from the - even more urgent - quest for freedom.

Les Fiches du Cinéma (translated from French)


Like Tom, his hero cheats death in this gripping opening scene, Tony Gatlif's new film — and perhaps his finest, more than forty years after its debut — is daring and crazy. 

Télérama (translated from French)


Epic and flamboyant, Tony Gatlif's new film is a return to childhood, the Camargue, love, redemption, and simply life. (translated from French)


Between visual poem and quest for identity, the film wanders a bit, and the hero, Medina, remains unknown to the viewer. But his interpreter, David Murgia, actor to follow, has an amazing palette. 

Le Nouvel Observateur (translated from French)


It is certain that scenes from this film will remain for their beauty, the way of filming horses and bulls up close, in total freedom, as if to sense danger. 

Le Parisien (translated from French)


Gatlif delivers with this askew film, which carries a disturbing sympathy without being really convincing, a beautiful invention of landscape, tearing off clods of myths and harsh magic. 

– Libération (translated from French)