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The film lineup will be posted the first week of January.

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Ontario, the land of Francophone immigrants, has a remarkable ethnic and cultural diversity. Did you know that 36% of Francophone immigrants were born in Africa, 27% in Europe, 20% in Asia and 17% in the Americas?


Cinéfranco has developed a special program to tell their stories through cinema: stories of men, women and children forced to immigrate to other countries to escape from a colonial past, war or poverty; migrations in the pursuit of dreams of a better life.


From comedy to drama, from animation to documentary, a selection of short and feature films from here and elsewhere will weave these people’s personal, moving stories with the history of their country. Trails strewn with pitfalls, cultural shocks in the host countries, acts of resilience and solidarity: these characters with different stories all have in common that they are homesick and are longing for a peaceful future.

Filmmakers, professionals and Franco-Ontarian immigrants with fascinating backgrounds will meet with the audience online and answer their questions.


Cinéfranco Jeunesse shares 3 exceptional films with this program to help school students discover the history of their families and their friends of various origins. Debates and discussions will help young people from this French-speaking diversity better understand each other and their loved ones.

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