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Le Labo celebrates its 15th anniversary 

The following short films are not subtitled in English.

This screening is followed by a round table discussion with the directors and the executive director Dyana Ouvrard of Le Labo.

LeLabo_LebrasPascaline_Dear Dance_Poster.jpg.jpg
Pascaline Le Bras  | 2021 | 9:31 min
Documentary | Canada (Ontario) | French 

Told in the first person, ‘Dear Dance’ is an intimate short film following the author’s journey through dance since her childhood. From modern jazz to traditional african dance, the story mixes archive footage from France and Canada with dance performances shot in Toronto. Self-discovery, injuries and privileges are some of the themes explored in ‘Dear Dance’. With the world going through significant changes, socially, artistically and physically, the author shares how everything can quickly become impermanent. This film aims to inspire people to remain present and acknowledge their gift(s), with grace.

LeLabo_LorinGuillaume_Je suis père_Poster.png
Guillaume Lorin   | 2021 | 8:31 min
Documentary | Canada (Ontario) | French 

Je suis père, I am a father

Father, pater, dad, pop, padre ... For a man, being a father is probably the oldest job in the world. The role has evolved a lot over several decades, towards ever more involvement.

Yet when an unpredictable pandemic suddenly forces most fathers around the world to stay at home, a real paradigm shift takes place when it comes to fatherhood.

LeLabo_PromeneurMichael_processus créatif d'un projet avorté_Poster.png
Michael Promeneur| 2021 | 3:53 min
Documentary | Canada (Ontario) | French 

This French expatriate did not plan the unexpected turn that 2021 would take. The global pandemic, the closing of the borders and the loss of his visa led him to return to his home country and to postpone, if not cancel, his plans for a career in film.

He had to face the effects of quarantine. This short film shows "the strength of the human spirit in the face of uncertainty and isolation" and how unconsented repatriation to the country of origin disrupts the construction of identity. 

Affiche court-documentaire Jean-Christophe (2).jpg
Jean-Christophe Foolchand | 2021 | 5 min
Documentary| Canada (Ontario) | French 

A trip to the Canadian Railway Museum for a small journey through time. In this short informative documentary, Daniel Laurendeau, a streetcar enthusiast, and Vice-President of the Canadian Railway Historical Association (CRHA), will tell us about the evolution of the rail public transit system in Montreal and how it has helped shape the city through the decades.