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by Gabriel Le Bomin

Historical drama | 2020 | 109 min | France | French (English subtitles) | Unrated | 18 and over

May 1940. France is facing a disastrous military situation against the German army. Charles de Gaulle, newly appointed General, joins the Government in Paris while Yvonne, his wife, and their three children stay in the East. Facing the defeatist attitude of Pétain ready to negotiate with Hitler, de Gaulle has one purpose: continue fighting. Alongside thousands of French families, Yvonne and the children are soon forced to flee the advancing German troops. Without contact from one another, the doubt arises: will the de Gaulle family be sacrificed for the sake of France? An outstanding destiny that will change the course of World War II and French history.

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The role of de Gaulle is played with authority and sensitivity by Lambert Wilson, whom we have seen in films including Des Hommes et des dieux and more recently Les Traducteurs.

— Le News



De Gaulle shows the man, the husband and the father, at the historic time of the German invasion and his departure in June 1940 for London, until the famous call of June 18 broadcast by the BBC. With Lambert Wilson in the title role and Isabelle Carré in the skin of Yvonne de Gaulle, the film offers a precise and unprecedented view of a historic moment, but from the perspective of family, and dispersed exile, of the de Gaulle family. (…)

If the film does not surprise by its form, it does so by choosing this new angle and perfectly mastered, and brings to General de Gaulle a humanity and tenderness largely left in the background by historical matter. In this regard, this is a brilliant film.

— Cinema News



A beautiful, intelligent and historically rigorous film directed with subtlety and sensitivity, and remarkably acted.

 — Les Fiches du Cinéma (translated from French)



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