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by Élie Semoun

2020 | 90 min

Comedy, family | France, Belgium | French (English subtitles) | 8 years of age and older 

Cast:  Élie Semoun, Mathys Gros, Émilie Caen, Frédérique Bel, Loïc Legendre, Leeloo Eyme, Chad Ebengue, Léopold Moati, François Levantal, Florent Peyre, Gérard Jugnot

It’s a new school year for Ducobu, Léonie Gratin and their teacher. A major rival for Ducobu arrives at school: "TGV", the king of cheating. As the school falls into financial trouble, the two tricksters will have to unite their creativity to win a song contest and save their school.


We are in the presence of a nice little family movie, which is moreover rather effective on the side of our zygomatics. (...) Some completely absurd gags are quite surprising, in the sense that they develop a much sharper sense of humor and gags than the comic strip at the origin of the film. Without revealing too much, we can also disclose that Élie Semoun, used to all kinds of disguises and makeup, will play several characters in the film...

— L’internaute (translated from French)


The scenario of this third installment of the successful saga L'Elève Ducobu is enjoyable. And Élie Semoun deploys treasures of energy in his role as a nutty teacher, and as his own tyrannical mother.

— Le Parisien (translated from French)


Student Ducobu is back for a third opus, in better shape than ever.

— Mômes.net (translated from French)

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