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By Sophie Letourneur 




Comedy | 2019 | 101 min | France | French (English subtitles) | Unrated | 18 and over

Claire is a world-renowned prodigy pianist. She travels the world, assisted and pampered by Frédéric her husband-agent-coach-PA. They are in perfect harmony: they don't want children. However, after witnessing a surprise childbirth during a Paris-New York flight, an unexpected desire for parenthood arises in Frédéric. He tampers with Claire's pill, who soon wakes up to her worst nightmare, enormous!

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  • Best feature film, Jean Vigo award (Paris, 2020)

  • Quebec City Film Festival (2020)

  • Rotterdam International Film Festival (Netherlands, 2020)

  • International Independent Film Festival of Bordeaux (France, 2020)

  • Rendez-vous with French Cinema in Paris (2020)


Emphasizing the independence of spirit, originality and quality of a filmmaker, the 68th Jean Vigo Prize was awarded to Sophie Letourneur for Énorme for “her insolent way of turning clichés upside down and reversing genres, of rubbing burlesque with documentary, for her trivial tenderness and her invigorating crudeness.”

— Jean Vigo award, October 9, 2020,  Pompidou Centre, Paris


With its inventive script, punchy dialogues and, above all, its two convincing actors (Marina Fois and Jonathan Cohen), Énorme stands out as a success in a comic register so often mistreated  by French production.

— Positif (translated from French)


Sophie Letourneur directs two excellent actors, Marina Foïs and Jonathan Cohen, in a politically incorrect comedy about the torments of motherhood and fatherhood. Transgressive and cheerful. 

— Le Parisien (translated from French)


Enormous marks a clear acceleration in Letourneur's filmography, due to the terrain she proposes to occupy: a popular comedy that would not give up being a laboratory of forms, capable of elaborating an original comic device. 

                                                         — Cahiers du cinéma (translated from French)                                                        

Letourneur finds pleasure in embarrassment, humor in the dark, and continues with this new film to dig one of the most original and precious furrows in French cinema.

— Les Inrockuptibles (translated from French)


Énorme bends expectations, genders and couple dynamics in unexpected, weird and tender ways. Claire rediscovers a body she has neglected and a sense of freedom. Frédéric lives his wife's pregnancy more than by proxy: gaining weight, attending courses for expectant moms and 'feeling' her pain. It's in its most absurd moments that the film tackles womanhood the best.

— Rotterdam International Film Festival (2020)

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