by Ludovic Bergery
2021 | 100 min

Drama| France | French (English subtitles)
Cast:  Emmanuelle Béart, Vincent Dedienne, Tibo Vandenborre, Sandor Funtek


Recently widowed Margaux moves in with her sister. Looking to turn a page, she re-enrolls at university and becomes interested in new pursuits. At the same time, dark compulsions begin to arise.

Sexual scenes, nudity 


  • Rendez-vous with New French Cinema in Rome (Italy, 2021)

  • Rendez-Vous With French Cinema in New York (2021)

  • Rendez-vous with French Cinema in Paris (2021)

  • Irish Film Institute French Film Festival (Dublin, 2020)

  • Seville European Film Festival (Spain, 2020)


Amazing journey of a widowed 50-year-old female thrust into contemporary life. Emmanuelle Béart was triumphant and brave.

— Letterboxd


A striking portrait of a woman standing tall.

— Première (translated from French)


Emmanuelle Béart, power and grace.

— Madame Figaro (translated from French)


A fiery, sensual, feverish, moving first film.

— Marie-France (translated from French)


The actress is making a comeback in front of the camera with a sensitive and moving lead role in Ludovic Bergery's first film.

— Le Figaro (translated from French)


This vivid portrait gives Emmanuelle Béart the opportunity to embody her most beautiful recent role.

— Marianne (translated from French)

L’Étreinte portrays a woman carried by the energy of her desire, thanks to a beautiful performance by Emmanuelle Béart and convincing supporting characters.

— Les Fiches du Cinéma (translated from French)

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