Mois de la Francophonie

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During the month of March, Cinéfranco and the Petit Septième are celebrating their love for la Francophonie with captivating films.


We're bringing you two new films every weekend until the end of March.

« La Francophonie, c’est un vaste pays, sans frontières…. C’est le pays invisible, spirituel, mental, moral qui est en chacun de nous. » (Gilles Vigneault)


How it Works

Keep an eye out for our next newsletter and visit our website for more announcements on our film lineup. Each week will include a new selection of films that will be available to view from:

Friday evening at 6 p.m. until Sunday at 10 p.m. each week.

THIS WEEK! March 18 - 20

Our film selection highlights the rich diversity and vitality of international francophone cinema, focusing on communities and individual themes.

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30 Jours Max ($5)

Do Son Vivant + Branding_edited.png

De Son Vivant ($5)

Bundle Week 4 +Website.png

30 Jours Max +
De Son Vivant ($7)


Previous | March 4 - 6


Maria ($5)

Bundle Movies_Week1.png

Maria + Le Miroir
Bundle ($7)

Le miroir ($5)

L'Horizon ($5)

Tom Medina ($5)

On est fait pour s'entendre-01.png

Previous | March 11 - 13

Tonton Manu +
On est fait pour s'entendre ($7)

On est fait
pour s'entendre ($5)

Manu ($5)

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If you have any questions about le mois de la francophonie, email us at:

Previous | March 18 - 20


L'Horizon ($5)

Tom Medina-01.png

Tom Medina ($5)

Week 3 Bundle-01.png

L'Horizon + Tom
Medina  ($7)