Western, Romance | France, Canada | 2019 | 118 min | French, English (English subtitles)
By:  David Perrault
With:  Alice Isaaz, Kevin Janssens, Déborah François, Kate Moran, Bruno Tedeschini, Constance Dollé, Armelle Abibou
Immigrants Story: French settlers in the United States

The American Civil War breaks out… A family of French colonists, settled in Missouri, decides to go back to France. Edmond, Madeleine and their three daughters have to cross the whole country to reach New York. They are led by the mysterious and dangerous mercenary Victor.

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  • Fondation Gan Award - Production Grant (France, 2016)


  • Fantasia International Film Festival (Montréal, 2020)

  • Rotterdam International Film Festival

       (The Netherlands, 2020)

  • Rendez-vous with French Cinema in Paris (2020)

Film Reviews:

French settlers flee the American Civil War in this heavily allegorical, yet strangely compelling drama.

– The New York Times


Savage State is such a well-crafted, female-driven piece of western grandeur, something that we haven’t had since Netflix’s Godless. The film’s final standoff is reminiscent of that in the series as the women assemble to protect themselves against men in a blaze of fury and gunsmoke. The film is stirring and stylish in all its feminine splendor.

– Daily Dead


Simply put, Savage State is a visual treat. It’s intimate and atmospheric when it needs to be, but doesn’t fear opening itself up to an insurmountable level of scale that often is awe-inspiring. Shot by Christophe Duchange, Savage State skirts past its lower budget to create the world of the American Frontier that feels both grounded and dream-like, as if put through the soft haze of a distant memory. It’s all stunning to watch unfold.

– Elements of Madness