Comedy| France | 2019 | 101 min | French (English subtitles)
By:   Xavier de Choudens
With:   Franck Gastambide, Melisa Sözen, Gringe, Camille Lellouche, Liliane Rovère, Patrick Chesnais
Immigrants Story: Syria

Damien and his sister Melanie lived a happy childhood, yet shaken by the constant battles led by their militant parents. After the sudden death of their mother, the rebellious spark of the family went off. 20 years later, Damien is an educator in primary school. When one paperless kid is about to be expelled out of the country with his mother, he decides to tell the authorities he is the father. Soon he convinces his sister, now a fierce delusioned lawyer, and his best friend Rudy to join the fight. Together, they will do anything to help kids from being sent back in their dangerous countries, even  if it means adopting many more...

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  • International Comedy Film Festival - Alpe d'Huez

       (France, 2019)

  • Rendez-vous with French Cinema in Paris (2019)

  • Istanbul Film Festival (Turkey, 2019) - Human Rights in Cinema Competition

Film Reviews:

Damien veut changer le monde may be an unashamed populist little crowd pleaser (...) but has a big message that cannot be repeated often enough:only by banding together with good will can humanity address the challenges that face it in the 21sr century. Failure to grasp this basic truth can only bring ruin to us all.

– French Films.org


The friendly and amusing nature of events, the quality of the primary performances (and those by supporting characters such as Gringe and Patrick Chesnais) and the deliberately optimistic tone of an approach to a subject matter that is often overdramatised give this film a good dose of charm.

– Cineuropa


This movie does not take itself too seriously but still manages to say a lot about citizenship, immigration, parenthood, and female rage. A highly effective and enjoyable film, it’s sure to elicit some laughs along with some tears.

– The Movie Buff