Drame | France| 2021 | 84 min | French (English subtitles)
Director: Émilie Carpentier
With:  Tracy Gotoas, Sylvain Legall, Niia, Mamadou Dembélé

As Emilie Carpentier’s debut feature The Horizon begins, 18-year-old Adja (Tracy Gotoas) is disconnected from her community—indifferent to climate change and mocking the efforts of activists to oppose construction of a new mixed-use facility. But when she grows closer to classmate Arthur (Sylvain Le Gall)—an earnest activist and fellow intern at a nursing home—Adja begins to find a sense of purpose in political engagement, drifting away from her shallow group of friends.


  • Prix cinéphiles du futur - Festival du film européen de Séville (Spain, 2021)



  • Rendez-Vous With French Cinema in New York (2022)

  • Rendez-vous d'Unifrance à Paris (France, 2022)

  • Young French Cinema (USA, 2022)

  • Black Nights Film Festival de Tallinn (Estonia, 2021) - Youth Competition

  • Festival international du film francophone de Tübingen | Stuttgart (Germany, 2021)

Film Reviews:


At The Horizon’s center is an in-depth immersion in the routines, self-constructed communities, and urgent day-to-day efforts of an organically diverse coalition of young activists. Harnessing flawless performances from her young leads, Carpentier plunges viewers into the midst of a new generation of activists’ coming of age.

                                              - Rendez-Vous with French Cinema in New York


Humour, lyricism, a very promising energy, a certain finesse, the film has merits, including revealing new faces.

                                             - Le Nouvel Observateur (translated from French)



The originality of this first feature film is to show the possible points of convergence between the question of the suburbs and that of ecology. The director paints an admiring, empathetic and, sometimes, a little naive portrait of an idealistic, united and less pessimistic “climate generation” than it seems.

                                               - Télérama (translated from French)