November 26, 6:30 p.m.

Dramedy  | 97 min | English Canada Premiere

French (English subtitles)


Juliette is in her second year of high school and she has to handle the mockeries of other students. Complexed by her overweight, the young girl enters teenage years full of twists and turns.

“I think it’s important to understand that it’s not just a film for adolescents,” Émond explained. “Teenagers might like it, but I think people of any age can remember that period — it’s for everyone" (…)

“I weighed 75 kg more than I do now in high school” Émond said. “I was a lot bigger. I always told myself that one day I would make a film about that time, about what it was like to be a teenager who is outside the norm. It could have been a drama, but over the years I decided, ‘No, it should be a comedy — because it turned out so well.’

Some stories do end well; just because in high school you’re vulnerable and a loser doesn’t mean you’re going to stay that way your whole life. Au contraire.”

— T’Cha Dunlevy, Montreal Gazette

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D: Anne Émond 2019) | Canada (Québec)


Alexane Jamieson, Léanne Désilets, Antoine Desrochers, Christophe Levac, Théa Désilets, Robin Aubert, Sandra Dumaresq


18 years and older


Namur International Francophone Film Festival (Belgium, 2019)

Jeune Juliette is a teen movie about a specifically universal experience. Characters shine in Anne Émond’s fourth feature, a winsome and cynicism-free teen comedy (…) It’s relationships that form the core of Jeune Juliette rather than cynicism or nostalgia. Émond rather astutely notes that it’s our relationships with others that form us at that age rather than our relationship to ourselves.

— Alex Rose, Cult#Mtl


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