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by Christoph Lauenstein, Wolfgang Lauenstein

2020 | 92 min

Animation, adventure, family | Belgium, Germany | French (no English subtitles) | 8 years of age and older 

Marnie is a spoiled housecat obsessed with detective shows on TV. She wants nothing more than to solve crimes and go on adventures, but she isn’t allowed to leave the house. When a string of burglaries occurs in her quiet town, Marnie finds herself in the outside world for the first time. Teaming up with a group of misfit animals, Marnie must use all of her detective skills to solve the crime and save the town.


  • Beaune International Thriller Film Festival (France, 2019)

  • Augenblick Festival (France, 2019)

  • Annecy International Animation  Film Festival (France, 2018)


This tasty animated film will please everyone thanks to its energy, its inventiveness, its irony and its funny references.

— OrcaSound


The characters are sweet and likeable, and the story rattles along. File under school-holiday viewing for younger kids.

— Radio Times


A funny and clever animated thriller. An outstanding work of humour, mischief and intelligence.

— Les Fiches du Cinéma (translated from French)


A fun thriller, the film offers great moments and makes you smile. Perfect for a good night out to the movies.

— Le Soleil (translated from French)


The film is populated by endearing, eccentric characters. 

— Media Film (translated from French)

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