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by Julie Manoukian

2020 | 92 min

Dramedy, family | France | French (English subtitles) | 14 years of age and older 

Cast:  Noémie Schmidt, Clovis Cornillac, Lilou Fogli, Carole Franck, Juliane Lepoureau, Nils Othenin-Girard, Michel Jonasz 

In a small village in Morvan (in Burgundy, France), Nico, the last vet in the area, struggles to save his patients, his clinic, and his family. When Michel, his partner and mentor, announces his retirement, Nico knows that the hardest is yet to come. "Don’t worry, I found my replacement, Alexandra, my niece.” Except that Alexandra who just graduated 24 hours ago is not at all willing to return to bury herself in the village of her childhood. Will Nico manage to make her stay?


  • Arras Film Festival (France, 2019)

  • Liège International Comedy Film Festival (Belgium, 2020)


The cheerfulness and humanity that emerge from this jaunt to the animal world make up the perfect family entertainment for the start of the year.

The joviality and humanity from this wildlife trip make it the ultimate family entertainment for the start of the year.

Loving one's animals also means taking care of them. Visits to the veterinarian are therefore essential. A good professional knows how to listen, gives the right diagnosis and shows a lot of empathy. Julie Manoukian's. Les Vétos shows the reality of this very challenging job. 

— Incroyable (translated from French)


Discover a new vision of the rural world that plunges us into the everyday life of a veterinarian.

— Wamiz (translated from French)


A lovely rural comedy.

— Le Parisien (translated from French)


Original and refreshing.

— Closer (translated from French)


There are plenty of lovely moments in this first film steeped in humanity and good vibes.

— Télé 7 Jours (translated from French)

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