Le miroir - affiche.jpg


Drame | Canada (Québec) | 2021 | 85 min | French
(English subtitles)
Director: Marc Joly-Corcoran
With:  Alice Pascual, Florence Longpré, Isabel dos Santos, Louka Amadeo Bélanger-Leos, Arnaud Lemaire, Korine Côté, Rosalie Moreau, Liam Audet, Pascal Cameron, Laurent Lemaire, Isabella Villalba, Louis-Olivier Maufette, Christine Morency, Daphnée Côté-Hallé

Jean has not seen his mother, Diane, for the past five years, due to an incident he is not about to forgive her for. When she commits suicide in Belgium, Jean must go there to retrieve the ashes and deal with the estate. At his mother's house, he meets Fabrice, Diane's very young husband. He also meets Juliana, a good friend of his mother, to whom Diane has entrusted her holographic will. Jean learns that his mother has left him an antique mirror of great value. While sorting through Diane's belongings, Jean develops a slight obsession with this antique mirror, which is said to be linked to disturbing and pivotal events in Jean's life as a child.

Film Review:

This film tackles subjects that are certainly not easy, but with skill and relevance. The editing keeps the interest without falling into length, the scenario feeds our questions and our assumptions. The actors' performance is blatantly true. The direction is inspired. That such a film could not have had more budget is scandalous. Here is a plot sewn in a quilt of moments and that reveals itself little by little without taking us by the hand. Definitely worth seeing, ideally in theaters to do justice to the aesthetic choices of the director!

 – Cinoche (translated from French)