A new world far away from city life: Back to basics
Since the start of the confinement, Nicolas Fay has been filming Le Dorat, a small village north of Limoges in France. In thirty short episodes, he portrays its people facing their daily challenges, and involved in agroecology, short distribution circuits (direct sales vs mass distribution), and cooperative ventures… 

“In these areas less populated than the big cities, a new world is emerging, an invisible network that links these people together around the return to basics."

Watch the full series here.

With increased visibility thanks to the enthusiastic support of filmmakers Edouard Bergeon and Guillaume Canet on their national channel Cultivonsnous.tv, the Les Résistants web-series is a hit on the net.

These very human and sensitive portraits paint an impressionist canvas, full of colors, and from which emerges a reflection on the relationship between humans and the land, and on the role each of them plays in his/her setting, whatever his or her activity in our globalized era.

– France 3 Nouvelle Aquitaine

In the series Cinéfranco gives you the floor! Debate #2 

A new world far away from city life: Back to basics

LES RÉSISTANTS, Nicolas Fay's web series on youtube, was at the heart of debate #2 which took place September 13.


Director Nicolas Fay talks about the daily life of young (neo) people on farms in Limousin. Jean-Pierre Pilaprat and Chantal Véchambre, 2 passionate cinephiles faithful to Cinéfranco, in their knowledge and sensitivity to the subject, accompany Nicolas Fay. 

Discover season 2 Les Résistants. 

Episode 1

La Clef du Sol




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