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by Jean-Sébastien Lozeau
2021 | 79 min

Sentimental chronicle | Canada (Québec) | French (English subtitles)
Cast: Sébastien Ricard, Marilyn Bastien, Marie-Anne Alepin, Thomas Haché

Alex, a recently separated director and father of a little boy, starts an affair with Monica, a friend he had lost sight of. Monica has also just gone through a break-up and is struggling to cope with her new life as a single mother in precarious working conditions. These two lonely people find themselves in a passionate and tumultuous relationship, punctuated by arguments. Until the day Alex decides to test the strength of their relationship by broadcasting one of their escapades live on the Internet.

Sexual scenes, nudity, vulgar language


  • Les Percéides, festival international de cinéma et d'art de Percé (2021)

  • Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois et francophone de Vancouver (2021)


Directed by Jean-Sébastien Lozeau, this feature film did not benefit from a big budget. But its craftsmen have put together a work that holds together. The script is there. The actors Sébastien Ricard and Marilyn Bastien (also producer) give it their all. We are far from the feel good film here. We are confronted with two characters in imbalance, sometimes difficult to like. Their story nevertheless grabs us, a bit like those videos that go viral on the Web. For the better and sometimes for the worse. 

— Le Devoir (translated from French)

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