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November 29, 8:15 p.m.

Dramedy | 88 min | North American Premiere

French, Mandarin (English subtitles)


D: Julien Abraham  | 2019 | France


Frédéric Chau, Medi Sadoun, Julie De Bona, Steve Tran, Yin Bing, Li Heling, Clémentine Célarié, Mylène Jampanoï


18 years and older


Rendez-vous with French Cinema in Paris (2019)

François, a young French-Chinese photographer, hasn’t set foot in Paris’ Chinatown or even talked to his father Meng since their violent dispute 10 years ago. He’s turned the page. He avoids all questions about his origins, and even pretends he was adopted... until the day he learns he is going to be a father! He realizes he has to get back in touch with his roots and come to terms with his past. Pushed by his wife Sophie, he  finally decides to go see his dad and give him the good news. It’s time to go back to Chinatown! His quest to reconnect with his roots is going to be tougher than he thought!


A family comedy which tackles stereotypes  and misconceptions.

— Cnews


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This is the third film from director Julien Abraham, who likes to explore intercultural relationships and exposes the difficulties when different traditions come together. This film is warm and sentimental but shows how two stubborn men — father and son—work hard not to be understanding with each other.​

— Shelly Schoeneshoefer, Kino Critics


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