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A Message from Marcelle


Dear film lovers of Francophone cinema, dear cinephiles, 

Cinéfranco will not let the virus spoil our collective passion for cinema!

Three theatrical screenings and some 20 captivating films online: that's what Cinéfranco has in store for you from October 26 to November 2, 2021!

The pandemic may have caused an economic disaster in the film industry, but the exaltation of creativity triumphs in all its comic and dramatic virtues.

This year, the wealth of inspirations takes us to all sorts of stories, both real and imagined, that are the source of strong emotions and deep reflections.

We will try to show you films in pairs about themes, about an actor or an actress, or documentaries in two parts.

In addition to a few commercially oriented films, Cinéfranco will unearth the little gems of independent cinema that are always creative, always in tune with the times in French, Belgian, African, Quebec and Franco-Ontarian cinema.

You are invited to get on the big Cinéfranco swing that will take you to exciting places and make you shiver with cinematic pleasure!

Marcelle Lean

Founder and artistic & executive director

Dear film lovers of Francophone cinema, dear cinephiles, 

Cinéfranco with its dedicated team aim at sharing their passion for Francophone cinema in its glory everywhere.

It felt good to huddle together, to stick closer when overwhelmed by a film. Together we heartily laughed, we cried, we shuddered and we exchanged ideas... It was a collective experience where strong emotions and ideas bonded us... 


The intrusion of an invisible harmful enemy is not going to deprive us from the pleasure of continuing to feel the rich range of emotions and to communicate with one another.

We can imagine you curled up on your couch with Cinéfranco carrying you like Ali Baba’s magic carpet, from one Francophone country to another: Canada, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Senegal, Lebanon, Morocco, Rwanda, Burundi... Each country brings its share of stories and History with its dramas, its tragedies, its heroic feats its comedies woven with the talents of a wide range of filmmakers and actors you may see for the first time or whom you will continue to enjoy and admire.

Cinéfranco Grand Public 2020, online and Canada-wide, very sincerely thanks all of the generous sponsors especially HAMPTON SECURITIES, our new platinum presenter of the Festival.

We are deeply grateful to TFS, Telefilm Canada, Ontario Creates and Power Corporation of Canada for their continuous support.

Many thanks to OLG, to the Quebec Government and to Glendon College for believing in Cinéfranco.

Marcelle Lean
Founder and artistic & executive director

Dear film lovers of Francophone cinema, dear cinephiles, 


I would like to join the Cinéfranco team in thanking you for supporting us.

Against all odds we successfully delivered the Youth Festival, la Semaine de la francophonie and the Youth and Families Festival.

We embarked on the incredible adventure of Ciné Fierté.

It is obvious that without the help of governments, private sponsors and your generous donations, it would have been very difficult for us to develop and put these programs online. We are grateful for your financial contribution.


One of the greatest gifts you have given us is your loyalty: a deep gratitude to those who write to us, encourage us, appreciate us and continue to view our selections as great connoisseurs of Francophone cinema.


The other gift is the discovery of a new audience that is just as encouraging and passionate. Thank you for joining us.

We hope to see you all again for more programs this summer.

Until then, the entire Cinéfranco team wishes you a healthy, enjoyable and carefree summer filled with memorable films!

Stay tuned for our year-round activities and great surprises!

Marcelle Lean

Founder and artistic & executive director