Dear Francophone film lovers,

Films are prophetic, they say : how many times have we seen a sci-fi movie dealing with horrific pandemic and its disastrous effects?

Today, we are in Toronto no longer watching a film about a deadly spreading virus but experiencing a real science fiction scenario.


On behalf of Cinéfranco, I would like to emphasize the fact that the health and safety of our precious audiences and our volunteers are at the heart of our concerns. That is why we have cancelled our next  planned events:

  • “Spotlight on Franco-Moroccan female directors”,  a series of screenings planned during the ”Semaine de la Francophonie” at the Maple Leaf Cinema at the CN Tower, a tourists hub closed until April 14. 

  • “Québec Perspective” cancelled by La Tournée Québec Cinéma, Cinéfranco's partner for this long-awaited event. 

Let’s follow the protection and safety measures to eliminate the COVID-19 virus. We will defeat it to better enjoy and, at later dates, make of these Franco-Moroccan and Quebec films the ultimate film experiences!

Marcelle Lean
Founder and artistic & executive director



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Last updated:  Septmber 24, 2020

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