Dear Francophone film lovers,

Cinéfranco is celebrating 22 years of passion for Francophone cinema in Toronto.

Its vibrant, devoted team does not tire from wanting to take you into dark screening rooms, cradles of intimate and collective emotions at once.


Nothing comes close to the ravishing pleasure of watching a film on a big screen, surrounded by a rich and balanced sound, sitting by film lovers who you can unabashedly address at a festival. The vocation of Cinéfranco festival is to build strong bonds between cinephiles, audience members of all ages reunited and united by their passion for films, whose love for and use of the French language congregate.


Cinéfranco cannot praise enough its generous sponsors, its tireless volunteers, its passionate supporters, its friendly co-presenters, its kindest  prize donors.

Hats off to the superb Hot Docs team for their essential help to a truly appreciative Cinéfranco that feels admiration and respect to their president Chris McDonald.


Without the crucial help and contribution of all, Cinéfranco would not have been able to bring you these film jewels on the theme of family as lived in the four corners of the Francophone world. From the Quebec Innus to the Tutsis and Hutus of Rwanda travelling through Mali, Morocco, Djibouti including France, Belgium, Luxemburg among a variety of other countries that co-produce the chosen films, Cinéfranco will fly you into the diversity of the Francophone cinema galaxy full of talents and variety of film genres.


We are looking forward to sharing with you our November 2019 film feast!


Bon cinéma!


Marcelle Lean
Founder and artistic & executive director



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