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by Ismael Ferroukhi

2020 | 103 min

Cast: Sabrina Ouazani, Zakaria Inan, Azelarab Kaghat

  • Not Recommended for children

  • Mature theme

Mica, 10, lives with his mother and sick father in a slum in the suburbs of Meknes, which is destined for destruction. A friend of his parents’, a handyman in a tennis club in Casablanca, takes him as his apprentice. Mica finds himself propelled into a whole new world where a new life awaits him. Mr. Slimani, a rich and cultured man and owner of the club, dreams of making his son Omar a tennis champion. To this end, he hires Sophia, a former French champion, as a private trainer. But Omar has very little talent and no passion for the sport. On the other hand, Sophia will eventually notice Mica and take him under her wing….


  • Cinemania Francophone Film Festival (Canada, 2020)

  • El Gouna Film Festival (Egypt, 2020)

  • Angoulême Francophone Film Festival (France, 2020)

  • Malmö Arab Film Festival (Sweden, 2020)


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Mica is like a lot of other children we meet in France or Belgium that have been smuggled ... we can now have an idea how they lived before,” Lamia Chraibi of La Prod, the film’s producer, tells The National. “What’s interesting about this film is that it is not a success story, it’s about choice,” she says. (…)

The film offers viewers a particular side of Casablanca, which for many Moroccans has become a gateway to Europe. To Mica, it seems as though there is only one way to ease his anguish: pay a smuggler and set out to sea. (…)

What’s interesting about this film is that it is not a success story, it’s about choice. (…)

Throughout the film, Eva Sehet’s lens captures generous shots of Casablanca’s ocean and sky, and of birds fluttering freely, a state Mica is constantly longing for. (…)

Another highlight is the film’s magnetic score, a skilful sonic journey by duo Hang Massive, which, despite the occasional narrative lag, keeps you watching until the end. (…)

The National News, Arts & Culture

A touching film which subtly evokes one's place in the world – the place where we were born and the one we can dream of, as long as we come across people who can help us change a destiny which was apparently all mapped out for us. 

Le Blog du cinéma (translated from French)


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