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On est fait pour s'entendre (Hear me out)

Comedy, Romance | France | 2021 | 92 min | French
(English subtitles)
Director: Pascal Elbé
With:  Pascal Elbé, Sandrine Kiberlain, Manon Lemoine, Emmanuelle Devos, François Berléand

Antoine, a history teacher in his early 50s, learns that he has become very hard of hearing. Unable to own up to his handicap, he resigns himself to living in his bubble, even though his entourage finds his behaviour increasingly odd. His encounter with Claire, widow and mother of a young girl who has stopped speaking, will lead him to open up to the world.


  •  The Alliance Française French Film Festival

        (Australia, 2022)

  • Unifrance Rendez-Vous in Paris (France, 2022)

  • Tübingen | Stuttgart International French-language

       Film Festival (Germany, 2021)

  • Helvetia French Film Festival (Switzerland, 2021)

Film Reviews:


 A comical and tender romantic comedy that points its cursor where it is needed: without mockery but with humor and modesty.

                                          - La Voix du Nord (translated from French)


A tender, original and hilarious romantic comedy.

                                          - Le Parisien (translated from French)


Pascal Elbé has put a piece of himself into this tender film, drawing on his own experiences of hearing loss to uniquely portray the struggles of modern connection. Hear Me Out is a wholesome and moving story that will have audiences crying and laughing at the same time.

                                               - AF FFF 2022