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by Sébastien Higgins
2020 | 78  min

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Romance | Canada (Ontario) | French (English subtitles)

Cast: Samuel Glaude, Célia Fournier-Cantin, Jean-Félix Rioux, Keniya Jean

A shy and bookish teenager, Nathan longs to meet a girl and one day become a great poet. A heartbroken former hockey star, Maripier just wants to be left alone. This is the story of their meeting.


In co-presentation with: 


  • Festival international du cinéma francophone en Acadie (2020)

  • Ontario International Film Festival (2020)

  • Montreal International Film Festival (2020)



“I think that growing up as a Franco-Ontarian means having the feeling of being a little different, but not necessarily having a bad life. It’s having a gift, the wealth of a slightly different perspective on your community and others.”

— Le Droit (quote from director Sebastien Higgins’ interview – translated from French)

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