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by Nine Antico
2021 | 88 min

Comedy | France | French (English subtitles)

Cast:  Sara Forestier, Laetitia Dosch, Inas Chanti, Pierre Lottin, Andranic Manet, Jackie Berroyer, Grégoire Colin


Sophie, 28, just found out she landed that job at a famous Parisian publisher. Her dream? Not exactly: she would rather see her own graphic work printed… When she tells her boyfriend Jean, she is pregnant, everything explodes. They break up and she must return to waiting tables like her friend Julia, an aspiring actress. How can one survive in Paris under such conditions?

Sexual content


  • Rendez-vous with French Cinema in Paris (2021)


A playful and funny first feature film.

— Première


Comic book author Nine Antico does a brilliant job with her first film: an inventive, realist and funny feminist work which breathes new life into a conventional genre.

— Cineuropa


Sublimated by the beauty of the black and white light and the songs of Daniel Johnston that punctuate the story, Sara Forestier is stunning.

— Ouest France


Nine Antico deploys the graphic universe of its retro and quirky comics on the big screen. Delicious.

— Télérama


Filmed in black and white, this first feature film by Nine Antico is an ode to female friendship and a romantic neo-comedy such as we rarely see in French cinema.

— Paris Match


We like it a lot.

— Voici

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