Adventure, Family | France | 2020 | 102 min | French (English Subtitles) | 10 years +
By Nicolas Vanier

With: Julie Gayet, François Cluzet, Patrick Timsit, Elisa de Lambert, Orian Castano, Anne-Marie Pisani, Gérard Dubouche, Mathilde Dromard, Luc Palun, Jean-Jérôme Esposito

Poly, the new film by Nicolas Vanier, tells the story of ten-year-old Cécile, a girl who moves to the south of France with her mother, Louise. Integration with the other children of the village is not easy. When a passing circus sets up next door, Cécile discovers that Poly the star pony is being mistreated. She decides to protect him and organize his escape! Pursued by Brancalou, the disturbing director of the circus, and the mysterious Victor, Cécile and Poly embark on a run full of twists and turns, a real initiatory journey and an incredible story of friendship.

Film Reviews

Families will adore this movie

– Closer (translated from French)


Beautiful landscapes, great feelings, the program is classic, but delivered with great care.

– Télé Loisirs (translated from French)


If you are going to watch this movie, bring your child soul, a mandatory accessory.

– Le Nouvel Observateur  (translated from French)

Youthful adventures full of good feelings.

– Ouest France (translated from French)

After Belle et Sébastien (2013), Nicolas Vanier took an interest in Poly, whose long blonde mane still lingers in our memories. The director does not hide his desire to "modernize" this old TV series. The switch to colour, the acceleration of the adventures and the simplification of the characters without sacrificing their identity give it pep and rhythm.

– Le Monde (translated from French)


French Cinepanorama (Hong Kong, 2020)

Helvetia French Film Festival (Switzerland, 2020)