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by  Max Dufaud, Kevin T. Landry, Reda Lahmouid et Rémi Fréchette
2021 | 74 min

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Drama, fiction | Canada (Québec) | French (English subtitles) 
Cast: Alexandre L'Heureux, Hinde Rabbaj, Myranda Plourde, Fayolle Jean, Fayolle Jean Jr, Marie-Sophie Roy, Mathieu Lorain Dignard, Luka Limoges, Raphaëlle Guérin, Claire Gagnon

March 12, 2020. COVID-19 has just been declared a worldwide pandemic, and the containment period begins. Samuel, Fanny, Daniel and Marianne, four Montrealers from very different backgrounds, must now adapt to this new reality. What they believe to be a temporary situation will become a long ordeal that will change their lives forever. Between reality and fiction, Première vague takes a look at the first 100 days of the pandemic in Montreal.


Mature subject


Torn between paranoia and complacency, the characters in Première vague, the first feature film to deal with the pandemic in Quebec, harshly but accurately illustrate the reality of young Montrealers during the first hundred days of confinement. 

— Journal Metro (translated from the French)

An important film.

— Films du Québec


A tour de force.

— Radio Canada - Première heure


A beautiful film full of humanity.

— Extra Beurre


A relevant archive, funny in parts, touching.

— Radio Canada – Dessine-moi un dimanche


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