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by Sophie Dupuis
2020 | 97 min

Drama | Canada (Québec) | French (English subtitles)

Cast: Joakim Robillard, Jean-François Boudreau, Guillaume Cyr, Chantal Fontaine, Maxime Genois, Mickaël Gouin, Charles-Aubey Houde,  James Hyndman, Jean L'Italien, Bruno Marcil, Théodore Pellerin, Catherine Trudeau, Lauren Hartley

Maxime, a young miner from Val-d'Or, faces events that challenge his definition of masculinity. Thanks to the brotherhood he can count on in his working environment, Maxime sets out on his long journey on the road to redemption. But when an explosion erupts underground, the young man, newly graduated in mine rescue, plunges into the mine lair with the firm intention of bringing each of his colleagues back alive.

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  • Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor, (Best Director of Photography, Best Sound - Gala Québec Cinéma (Montreal 2021)

  • Best Achievement - Sophie Dupuis (director) Whistler Film Festival (2020)

  • Canadian Screen Awards (2021)

  • Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival (2021)



Dupuis, a native of the Val-d’Or region, clearly has reverence for these men and women who toil away underground, and that shows. A nuanced portrayal of real, human characters; both dramatic and poignant, Souterrain is one of the best Canadian films of the year.

— Awesome Friday


Mine explosion disaster film digs deeper than most.

French-Canadian director Sophie Dupuis puts human drama ahead of the action in this naturalistic, character-driven film.

— The Guardian


Underground is a pacey, gripping, dramatic thriller strongly portraying male relationships, but in a very natural, honest way. (…)

Backed by an atmospheric sound track, by 2 upcoming composers, Underground is a must see for anyone interested in strong drama, and seeing a very positive reinforcement of all that’s good about men, show-cased by a very, very talented female Writer/Director. It is wonderful example of what the best of both genders can achieve in filmmaking, and deserves every success it gets.  

— Brit Flicks


The heavy plot load is maintained by consistent, naturalistic dialogue, and by performances that capture the camaraderie of a tight-knit community. Every actor holds up their end, and Dupuis, having shown her capability for handling the quiet stuff, is proficient when it comes to the set-piece finale too. She makes use of close-ups and balances drawn-out, tension building shots with high-tempo cuts to capture the intensity of a subterranean crisis.

— UK Film Review


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November 2, 2021
Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema 
7:30 p.m.
Historical Drama | Canada (Québec) | French (English subtitles)

Cast: Sébastien Ricard, Rémy Girard, Émile Bibeau, François Papineau, Fabien Cloutier, Guy Thauvette, Xavier Huard, Arnaud Vachon

The Vinland Club is the story of an exceptional educator in a boys’ college, in the late 1940s. Adored by his students but perceived as too progressive by the superiors of his congregation, the charismatic Brother Jean proves to be an advocate of the changes to come in the 50s and 60s. Wanting all at once to solve a historical enigma, to motivate his pupils and to prevent Emile, a struggling student, from dropping out, Brother Jean leads his students on an archaeological excavation aimed at proving the establishment of an ancient Viking colony on the coast of the St. Lawrence river. The journey will turn the life of the college upside down and leave its mark on the destinies of young Emile and on Brother Jean himself.

In co-presentation with 



  • Best Actor,  Quebec Cinema Awards (2021)

  • Beijing International Film Festival (2020) 

  • São Paulo International Film Festival (2020)

  • Abitibi-Témiscamingue International Film (2020)



A very beautiful story about childhood, friendship, the need to grow up and learn new things. 

— Le Petit Septième (translated from French)


Le Club Vinland: beautiful and inspiring (…)

Even though its story is set during the “Great Darkness”, there is something bright about The Vinland Club. Director Benoît Pilon’s new film conveys a message of hope that is good in these difficult times.

— Le Journal de Montréal (translated from French)


I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The characters are endearing and I really enjoyed the way the plot evolved from beginning to end. A must see in 2021!

— EdMovie Guide


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