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by Joanne Belluco
2021 | 87 min

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DocumentaryCanada (Ontario) | French (English subtitles)

Cast: David Danzon, Nathan Dimitroff, G.R. Gritt, Alexy Guérer, Camille Guérer, Karim Hussain, Djennie Laguerre, Marie-Pierre Proulx


In-person Q+A with filmmaker Joanne Belluco and artists from the film

COVID-19 has turned the lives of artists upside down. Shows have been canceled, tours have been postponed, dreams have been shattered. Self-examination, adaptation and changes are now part of their existence. They have to "reinvent themselves". STUCK. documents the impact of the pandemic with eight French-speaking Canadian artists in the throes of an unprecedented creative, emotional and even financial situation. From Toronto to Sudbury, via Montreal and Acadia, they immerse us in their daily lives, during a very unique cultural season ...