Wednesday, February 19  | 79 min

Lucy Tulugarjuk | 2018

Canada (Québec) | Inuktitut, French, Arabic, English  (French subtitles)


Tia, a young Syrian girl new to Montreal, longs for friends when she accidentally discovers a magic portal. Through this portal she meets Piujuq, an equally bored and lonely Inuk girl who introduces Tia to her world. Tia and Piujuq spend their time together connecting through games and Inuit stories when their blossoming friendship is threatened by a mysterious figure. This charming debut feature film will warm hearts and is an ideal cinematic treat for families and young people. 


The story, full of wonderment and positivity, is an exceptional collaboration between talented indigenous artists and a young refugee who recently arrived in Quebec. A film whose innocent charm will delight kids and adults alike.


The real joy here is in watching the two girls spend time together in what feels like a hands-off, natural manner. There's an awkwardness and acceptance to their interaction that feels true to the ways children play, and it centres a film about the ways wildly different cultures can come together.



Tia Bshara

Nuvvija Tulugarjuk

Eiman Aljaber

Ghaiss Gharibet

Madeline Ivalu

Jacky Qrunnut


Rimouski Film Carousel (2018)

Montréal First People’s Festival (2019)

Ōtaki Māoriland Film Festival
(New Zealand, 2019)

Montreal International Children’s Film Festival (2019)

Norman Native Crossroads Film Festival (Oklahoma, USA, 2019)



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