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By Jean-Pascal Zadi, John Wax
Comedy | 2020 | 90 min | France | French (English subtitles) | Unrated | 18 and over

A politically incorrect comedy, about the role of black people in French society. JP, a 40-year-old failed actor, decides to organize the first big black protest march in France, but his encounters, often burlesque, with influential personalities in the community and the interested support he receives from Fary, make him oscillate between the desire to be at the forefront of the scene and true militant commitment.

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French comedy thumbs its nose at political correctness and tackles racism.

With anti-racist protests erupting in Europe and the United States, Jean-Pascal Zadi and John Wax's film on the particularities of French racism is a timely release. Tout Simplement Noir brings together a star-studded cast who manage to find the humour in some serious social questions.

— Guardian TV


The film is first and foremost a satirical farce which owes a great deal to the ancestral social practice known as sanankuya (often described as “joking relationship” in English). It’s a means of avoiding conflict through humour.

Perhaps sanankuya, by way of the arrival of African immigrants in France, has influenced the film’s humour while adding a pinch of the French stand-up comedy show The Jamel Comedy Club.

— The African Report 


Fed up to the teeth with the lily-white face of his society and doing his best to organize a BLM-style protest: French rap star, stand-up comic and TV personality Jean-Pascal Zadi is on a mission in this bold, biting satire that puts systemic racism on the hot seat. Edgy, unfiltered and rocking every conceivable boat, Tout simplement noir, with its cast of French stars from diverse backgrounds, is a brilliant, joyous reminder that you can laugh, think and stick it to The Man all at once ....

— Festival du Nouveau Cinéma

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