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by Benjamin Parent

2020 | 88 min

Cast: Thomas Guy, Benjamin Voisin, Isabelle Carré, Laurent Lucas

  • Not Recommended for children

  • Mature theme

  • Language may offend

  • Tobacco/ alcohol use

Tom, 16, is a sensitive teenager who is about to enter a new high school after being expelled. He intends to find his place, make friends and seduce the girl he loves.

Tom needs the support of his older brother, Leo, a true mentor, who is working to make him a “cool kid”. However, Leo's fraternal benevolence hides a destructive temperament...

Will Tom be able to grow up finding his own path?


  • Cinemania Francophone Film Festival (Canada, 2020)

  • Cinekid (The Netherlands, 2020)

  • Rendez-vous with French Cinema in Paris (2020)


A very nice surprise, intelligent and touching.

Paris Match (translated from French)


This first feature film transforms the classic quest for popularity of a suburban high school student into a subtle story of grief. And of reinvention of oneself.

Télérama (translated from French)


A tender and almost joyful film about mourning, carried by young charismatic actors.

Le Monde (translated from French)

A film which knows how to draw tender smiles from its audience on moving and difficult subjects such as bereavement and the dictates of masculinity.

Very well embellished by the photography of Pierre Cottereau and a musical score from Saycet, Man Up! is a pleasant surprise which, despite the difficulties inherent to mixing realism and fantasy, ultimately rises to the challenge with great ease and without ever forcing the issue, resulting in a film that’s both easy-going and profound. Moving in his shaky desire to overcome the permanent stress he feels at not measuring up, the character of Tom exudes a strong perfume of authenticity, which takes the conventions we find in films about high-school life and transforms them into lessons on the yoke of social conformism and on the arduous quest for individuality.



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